The Minor Fugazi Threat is Even

Minor Threat was introduced to me during the hard-core revival of the early 90's. Eighth grade to be exact. As revivals go, it was most likely the 2nd or 3rd wave of musicians rehashing the DIY attitude and riffs of the early 80's pioneers. Soon after listening to Minor Threat I was lured into the Jersey hard-core scene that included bands like MouthpieceLifetimeEndeavor, and so so many more.  The debate is best left to scenesters, but the music was new to me. The middle school I went to had a health education class for the year that covered sex-ed and std's. Words like vas deferens and labia majora where soon to be introduced to the lexicon of a bunch of hormone riddled teens by a teacher that taught gym for half the year and health-ed the other half. At the beginning of the year, the teacher set aside 2 days for each student to play one song for the class. Maybe it was his way of opening our minds and blowing off some teenage angst, most likely he was just stalling. I do not envy his breaking the sex part news to us. Having just discovered skateboarding during the previous summer, I played "Seeing Red" by Minor Threat. The band just blew me away, I remember loving how genuinely pissed Ian MacKaye sounded. My friend MM could play the song on his bass which made the whole band even cooler. The blank looks and uncomfortable stares I received from the class just solidified my stance against the norm. I was different. And pissed. This music made it ok to feel like that.

I soon discovered the other bands that Ian played in after Minor Threat like Embrace and of course Fugazi. There is an underlying groove in his music that makes it so damn catchy. Fugazi created tension by always being on the edge of wigging the eff out while being grounded by an undeniably solid rhythm section. Post Fugazi brought us the Evens whose stripped down songs will bore themselves into your brain and dare you not to tap your foot.